Driving a solution to social and environmental challenges


With a shared goal to drive solutions to Earth’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, we join forces with the creative activists To.org to create The Throne, a portable toilet conceived for remote locations. 

Project description

The Throne is a portable 3D printed toilet using discarded plastic medical equipment from European hospitals. Printed in only 72h, the piece is designed to address two topics: the problem of access to clean sanitation in disadvantaged communities or in underserved settings, and the environmental impact caused by the plastic waste.

Led by the CEO and Co-Founder Nachson Mimran in collaboration with our design’s team -led by Manuel Jimenez García- the toilet is currently located for public use in Gstaad, Switzerland.

A solution to eradicate plastic waste – transforming it into a material that can be used in construction – has been realized in the creation of a portable toilet by to.org Creative Activists, led by CEO and co-founder Nachson Mimran.The portable toilet goes further in its realization of a circular economy by composting the waste produced by The Throne’s visitors, and using this compost locally.
Technical information
*Download out project data sheet here