Exploring the future of sustainable design in the new eco-innovation era since 2016.

Following a zero plastic waste approach, at Nagami we combine creativity, technology and sustainability, to develop customized 3D printing projects with recycled plastics to the medium and large scale.

Founded in 2006 by Manuel Jiménez García, Miguel Ángel Jimenez García e Ignacio Veguera Ochoa, we carefully work in collaboration with our partners to craft every detail, from the early ideation, to design, develop and production of our projects, where the boldness and innovation are at the core of every creation. 

We are architects, engineers, designers and researchers specialized in technology, robotics and sustainability, as well as professionals from different areas who work day-to-day to push the limits of imagination to unseen territories.

A multidisciplinary team of brilliant minds with a common goal: to create a new reality through 3D printing.