Reimagine the ecosystem of design
and architecture

With a clear commitment to digital transformation and immersed in the constant challenge, at Nagami we focus on the ideation and production of aesthetic and functional solutions that give life to the conceptualization of unique conceptualizations, from furniture, to objects and spaces.

Architectural projects

We develop the conceptualization of integral interior and exterior spaces, working with our collaborators as a single team to listen to the requirements and scale the possibilities of 3D printing through recycled plastics to unpredictable territories.

Furniture and product design

From the initial conception to the software that allows bringing it to life, we develop every detail of furniture pieces and products, considering the development from the beginning of its function, the ergonomy requirements and the best aesthetic finishes. 

Digital craftsmanship

Beyond the limits of design and technology, we custom and materialize the most extravagant ideas, turning exquisitely singular projects into memorable pieces or art.