Responsible Luxury: Where Elegance and Sustainability Harmonize

Nagami and Patricia Urquiola collaborated in the creation of a remarkable installation for Cartier, located in Villa Reale di Marlia, Tuscany, Italy. This project represents an innovative vision that explores sustainable materials and seeks to create alternative aesthetics in new contexts.

Project description

As part of this collaboration, 3D printing technology was used to design and fabricate custom display cases intended to showcase an exciting new collection. These display cases not only stand out for their aesthetic design and distinctive texture, but also for their functionality and ability to enhance the beauty of the jewelry pieces on display.


The 3D printing technology used in this project not only ensured precision in the fabrication of the showcases, but also proved to be a sustainable choice by reducing material waste and lowering the environmental footprint compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Technical information

The showcases were materialized with a captivating gradient that ranges from gold to transparent, with a texture that evokes the dazzling luminosity of diamonds. This approach fuses the elegance and luxury expected in the world of fine jewelry with a strong awareness of sustainability, thus embodying the values of quality and responsibility that distinguish this project