Bow and Rise are the latest results of the extensive, ongoing research that ZHA is conducting within the domains of 3D printing and material experimentation.


These chairs combine pristine design informed by structural optimisation processes typically found in nature with innovative materials and the most advanced fabrication methods. The pattern and the colour gradient of both pieces concur in redefining the traditional spatial relationship between furniture and its setting.

Bow and Rise have been printed with a pellet-extruder employing raw plastic particles rather than a filament. The chosen plastic is PLA, a nontoxic, biodegradable material from renewable sources such as corn-starch, which ensure lightness and stability.



Translucent, Aquamarine, Yellow / Orange

72 X 68 X 96 cm

PLA Polymer

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Patrik Schumacher

Patrik is principal of Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and has led the practice since Zaha Hadid’s passing. Patrik joined ZHA in 1988 and was seminal in developing Zaha Hadid Architects into a renowned global architecture and design brand with 400 staff in 5 offices around the world.