A living photosynthetic 3D-printed sculpture

Tree One

Ecologic Studio in collaboration with Hyundai Motors, has designed within the context of the exhibition “Habitat one”, a 10 m high sculpture. The “Tree One” project combines artificial and biological intelligence. 

The canopy of this sculpture, partially 3D printed by Nagami, acts as a carbon sink, trapping the CO2 captured in its ornamental structure while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. 

It integrates 40 glass photobioreactors that house 500 liters of live cultures of Cyanidium algae. These bioreactors can capture as much carbon dioxide as 12 large trees, the equivalent of a small urban forest.

The production of “Tree One” as a carbon-neutral and waste-free structure required the creation of a global information system for a remote manufacturing process with industrial robots and large-scale 3D printing machines. In addition, custom software and hardware was developed to fine-tune the morphology and printing process.