Immersed in a timeless paradise

DIOR Store Banús

A call for change in the fashion industry, DIOR and Parley Ocean Plastics team up for the development of a series of collaborations spanning a collection from eyewear pieces to in-store characterization.

The main project, the Dior store in Puerto Banus, Malaga, consisted of producing a 3D printed façade and various interior elements for the store. The façade features stunning 3D printed panels that transition from blue to white tones. This fascinating exterior, together with the harmonious blend of soothing blues and pure whites, evokes a sense of serenity and purity, inspired by the sparkling waters of the ocean.

Likewise, the Bodrum (Turkey) store, following the same design concept, features a wall similar to the Puerto Banus façade inside the storefront that mimics the look of the sea.

Having served their purpose, the manufactured components of both installations, temporary in nature, were collected and processed into pellets, ready for reintegration into future projects within the 3D printing recycling cycle.

The results accomplished in this project were achieved through the manual addition of pigment to the printing material in a gradual manner, culminating in these stunning surfaces.