Nital Vase

Nital Vase is not only an incredibly nice decorative element for your place. Nital Vase is not only an awesome 3d printed piece of art. Nital Vase is not only innovation. Nital Vase is not only design. Nital Vase is all these things together, but it is also a part of history. How could be a new 3 printed object part of history? Because it is a part of the history of the future, the begining of lots of really cool and awesome things that are coming.


Conceived as the first Nagami Design’s product, it transmits the essence of an sculpture, the magnitude of a high reference element, the smoothness of nature. The design confers to this vase the heart of Nagami Design, growing from the segmented base to the last ‘N’ level, shaping those stylized forms that evokes that the piece is raising up.


We love design, and we really trust that good designs improve the quality of the spaces we use and we live in. We want to be part of your lifes, to get in your home, but we will do it with respect for nature, so we are making this vase with biodegradable thermoplastics derived from renewable resources. And of course, we will do it with 3D printing, trying to innovate day by day.


Nital Vase will be available to purchase in 3 diferent sizes very soon, so follow our social networks, stay informed of news and don’t miss the opportunity to have yours.


Product: Nital Vase

Designed by: Nagami Design

Produced by: Nagami Design with Vicente Soler

Material: PLA