Canaria Casing

Canaria Casing is, as its own name express, a box, a shell, a cover, a protector skin for a valuable and special thing.


Canaria Ltd is a startup trying to solve were to find a more comfortable solution for astronauts to continually log vital medical data without impeding their experiment work, and to tackle the issue of CO2 pocket build ups within spacecrafts.


They chose Nagami Design to develop a shelter for the electronic devices  for their set up at the ExTechChallenge at CES, which was held in Las Vegas on January 2017. There, Canaria Ltd was named as one of the Top 10 Star-Ups of the year.


Logically something so cool needed a casing that was at the height in terms of design, innovation and technology. The design transmits natural reminiscences, giving it a certain aspect of being alive, at the same time that it places it in the technological orbit as if it were a spaceship. It was digitally designed and then came to reality thanks to digital fabrication, specifically robotic 3D Printing, that allowed to create those awesome shapes not only in a bigger way than common 3D Printers but also give it this special materiality that makes it a join between a deep sea animal and a futuristic ship to travel around the space. And hopefully that is what it will do: travel around the world going along with Canaria Ltd in their future successes.


Product: Canaria Casing

Designed by: Nagami Design

Produced by: Nagami Design with Vicente Soler

Material: PLA