Nagami Design was born as a combination of Architecture, Design and Manufacturing with the aim of create exclusive design products made of dreams, research, tenacity and innovation. Our roots come from different places and lands, getting together to grow this exciting project that allow us to design the future and build the present.

We are convinced that the future is 3D printed, and we really trust that good designs improve the quality of the spaces we use and we live in. Our purpose is that good ideas can materialize, so we are looking forward to help companies and designers that require the digital manufacture for the development of a project.

We also love designing, so we work every day in our own products made by Nagami Design, products hopefully very soon you will be able to buy here.



The future is the present evolving according to the facts of the past. Our continuous research allows us to improve our capacities to be able to create better things. We learn something new every day, each challenge is an opportunity.



If you think there is a better version of you, you already took the first step to get it. The next one is easier and more difficult: work, work, and hard work. Don´t give up, if you are in the right direction, good things will come.



We couldn´t said it better: “Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layer of the product or service” Steve Jobs. Don’t stop creating new things.

It has been a tough and long trip to here, but now we can say we are not here to stay… we have arrived to move on, to boost design.