If you stop for a few minutes to think about the future… when you wake up you will probably already be in the past. That is what is happening with 3D Printing, an incredible technology that allow us to create almost anything you can imagine without limits… except size.

But even in this exciting scene, nowadays is still really difficult to find the way to manufacture large and complex pieces and objects through 3D Printing… until now.

Nagami Design is here to bring the possibility to designers to come to life their exciting large great ideas. Our research allowed us to develop a technology that makes possible 3D print large scale prototypes and exclusive objects with a wide range of customization possibilities.



We can 3D Print designs with dimensions up to 1.6m x 1.2m x 1.50m.

Our robotic partner master that perfectly for your creations. Soon he will do better bigger.



We usually work with the biodegradable and bioactive PLA, being able to alter base properties with additives.

Let us know if your project requires different materiales such ABS, TPU, PC or similar.



Our custom developed tools allow us to manage different extrusion thickness and layer heights.

Depending on the design, we can build from 2 to 10mm of extrusion thickness.

If you want to know more or you are working on something we can help you with don`t hesitate and contact us here!